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11/04/2022 - Towel quality upgrade and restocking // Socks are open for order

Towels are finally back on the site! This time I come back and bring moreQuality upgrade, put the original cotton fiber fleece on the reverse side,Upgrade to pure cotton material, make the towelMore absorbent and durable! The current towel material accepts single-sided printing, one side is printed side, and the other side is white pure cotton, high-profile display or slightly low-key use, both sides can be matched!
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Socks are also on the shelves one after another, butNot much stock, friends who have not purchasedhurry up to place an orderoh!
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08/04/2022 - Pajama options added!!

  • As we received many inquiries from customers about XL size, we finallyJoin 4XL and 5XLBecause Gify's custom pajamas are not divided into men's and women's, so for boys, you can't use the size you usually wear, it is recommended to refer to the size chart of our custom pajamas~
  • In order to better meet the preferences of guests, custom pajamasTops and pants can be freely matched with a) long/short sleeves and b) different sizes
    Example: M codeshort sleeveTop with XL trousers

10/03/2022 - Delay Notice

The mainland has tightened restrictions on logistics between China and Hong Kong, resulting in obstruction of logistics and transportation and doubling the difficulty of delivery. Some of our goods will be shipped by sea, but the terminals in both places are blocked, so the arrival time will be longer.

Please wait patiently, we apologize for any inconvenience.