it's story time!

Gify is a brand that creates happiness, we believe that the happier people are, the more they enjoy life.
We believe happiness is not a luxury, you and I deserve it! Let's experience this happy journey together~

The beginning of Gify

In the summer of 2018, I suddenly realized that my ability to make myself happy disappeared.

It took almost 4 months to slowly get back my life, get back the focus of my life, and get to know and take care of myself. It was November and Christmas was approaching, and I was planning to prepare Christmas gifts for my friends to thank them for their company during this time.

When researching gifts, I found that there was no type I liked in the market at that time. "Why don't you make your own?" name. It took 2-3 weeks to test samples back and forth like this, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and found this time to be my happiest.

My friend liked it so much after receiving it, and asked me where to order it~

And just like that, Gify's first product - the custom neck scarf was born!

andGifsIt has also evolved into what it is now, thanks to all the customers for their support, making you happy, and I am equally happy.