Picture specifications and standard recommendations

  • The price of each customized product includes 1 avatar
  • Up to 6 avatars can be printed , additional avatars are $10 each
    (If you need more than 6 avatars, you can WhatsApp us to inquire. (You can press the Whatsapp button in the lower right corner of the website/ wa.me/85254910044 )
  • After placing an order, if you need to change any product specifications or avatar changes, each change will require a $10 Hong Kong dollar processing fee and 2 additional production days.

Suggested photos:

  • Use high-resolution photos to allow us to provide high-quality finished products~
  • Resolution is 2400px (width) x 3000px (height)
  • If the enlarged image looks clear, it means there is enough resolution and the print should look good.

Not recommended for photos:

  • Group photos of more than 3 people ( the proportion of avatars is small, which will greatly reduce the resolution )
  • Incomplete avatar: The sketched avatar is incomplete > the corners are raised, the top of the head is flat, or the face is sunken: (
    Selfie : no top of head photo : part of the face is obscured by other people or objects
Here are examples of avatar images:
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  • Upload images to f indgify.com . By placing an order, you have confirmed and declared that your content does not infringe any laws or third-party rights (such as copyright, trademark rights, moral rights, personality rights, etc.). Gify reserves all rights and will not print artwork that infringes upon intellectual property or proprietary rights, threatens anyone, and/or spreads violence or hatred. Any content that allegedly infringes any law or third party rights will be immediately removed and not printed.