Custom Product Notes

  1. The price includes 1 avatar and background service, additional avatars will be charged an additional $10 each.
  2. *If you need to outline parts other than the avatar (eg: gestures, food, neck, etc.), please make a special note.
  3. If you change the order content, each change is $10, only 24 hours within the order time.
  4. If you need renderings, please note and additional 2 working days will be required
  5. Photos not recommended:
    a) Group photos of more than five people (the proportion of avatars is small, which will greatly reduce the quality of the avatars drawn)
    b) Incomplete avatar (selfie: no top of the head / group photo: part of the face is obscured by other people or objects), resulting in an incomplete avatar drawn, sometimes angled, the top of the head is flat, or the face is concave.
  6. Upload pictures to, and placing an order means that you have confirmed and declared that your content does not infringe any legal or third-party rights (such as copyright, trademark rights, moral rights, moral rights, etc.). Any content allegedly infringing any legal or third party rights will be removed immediately without printing.