Christmas Gift 2023 Funny Super Surprise Gift Party Exchange Gift Lazy Pack

Every Christmas, a large group of friends hold a party, and the most indispensable part is the exchange of gifts!

At this moment, you can best express your own image: the caring type, the gift-giving type, the old-fashioned gift as a new gift type, and the convenience store begging for persistence.

As an efficient Hong Kong person, it is best to be relaxed and happy, without thinking too much!

Funny heckle type - customized avatar socks HKD126 pair

This pair of socks is definitely at the top of our list of funny gifts. It will make you more fun and humorous with one trick, and endless surprise tricks will burst out overnight! We have a variety of background designs to make your custom socks more interesting! In addition to avatar socks, you can also use your powerful little universe to design a whole pair of socks, and we will give you ideas to realize!

Intimate and warm type - embroidered name warm grain neck scarf starting from HKD219

A must-have scarf in winter, it is practical and warm, has a soft texture and comes in a variety of colors, making it suitable for daily wear. In addition to embroidering names, you can also embroider special words. The other party will be overjoyed when they receive it.

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