💌 Letter to you

The purpose of Gify has been the same since it opened the store 5 years ago, "Create Happiness"

What is Gify?
We don’t just sell “customized products” or “an online store”
Our merchandise is just one way to tell everyone how we can make the people we love happy, how we can be closer to those around us, and how we can show love~

When you see our pajamas, you will think of a family. They will be so warm and connected. When you see our towels, you will think of someone who has a birthday soon. Who wants farewell?
Celebrating him makes him happy~

Giving gifts is a very romantic thing

When you have this idea of ​​giving him/her something, you keep thinking of him/her when he is shopping for a gift. You also think of him/her when he chooses a gift. You also think of the reaction he/she received. The closer it is to the time of giving him/her a gift, the better it will be in your mind. Excited, more looking forward to it

That romance is not about giving anything, but that you are always thinking of me and want to make me happy~

The past few months have been spent thinking about what can we do?

We all have the right to create things that make us happy. Happiness doesn’t have to be material things.
"The really important things are invisible to the naked eye."

When we get closer to the person we love, we start to feel happy. There are many opportunities for us to create happiness in our daily life. Small interactions and small actions can be ways to express love.

Recent changes to Gify
Whether it’s a partner, a friend, or a family member, fun and harmless little fun is more interesting and brings them closer to each other.

The content of our Instagram posts and website blog is not only about our products, but also about the humor and fun of a more happy thinking life.

We need to bring "Create Happiness" into our lives. We all have the right to create things that make us happy ~

Thank you for seeing this and paying attention along the way️🧡
Looking forward to growing more with you all!

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